Cultivating Talent from Within

Internal mobility is the key to ASSA ABLOY’s continued success.

We are not only advocates, but also doers.

Founded in Sweden, ASSA ABLOY is now present in over 160 countries around the globe. Over the years, we have learned that a greater synergy can be yielded by placing the right people to the right roles. We also appreciate self-motivated employees who aspire for success. That is why in our intranet, employees are given access to a wide range of internal job openings. As of 2017, 37% of management positions were promoted from within the group.

ASSA ABLOY is at the same time committed to improving the group's gender balance. We are making efforts to increase the percentage of women participating in ASSA ABLOY's leadership and development programs. Our target is to make sure 30% of the managerial positions are taken up by female employees by 2020.

A true sense of global mobility

Gaining local insight is invariably crucial to our business. ASSA ABLOY boasts a diverse demographic of employees. We come to realize that by exchanging expertise from different countries and cultures, we are able to incite ingenious ideas and solutions, with employees themselves making progress both as an individual and a professional.

You can see Gustav from Sweden of ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions working alongside colleagues from Uruguay, China and the U.S. in Norway. In Sweden, engineers Youn and Kyung from ASSA ABLOY Opening Solutions Korea were invited to visit Shared Technologies to share the know-how they excel in. Youn and Kyung in return had got to experience a brand new work culture, in which they found more applaudable and efficient for the development process. They decided to recommend it to their management back in Korea!