Ahoy Arena, Netherlands


Ahoy Rotterdam now has state-of-the-art Aperio protection throughout the complex.


With hundreds of events every year, Ahoy needed a secure and flexible locking system with maximum manageability. The present mechanical locking system was no longer efficient due to the loss of keys. The solution also had to adapt to the existing access control system rather than replacing the entire access control system.



Registration, authorization and security; these are a few of the requirements Ahoy had for its new locking system. Around 150 doors in the Sport Palace and the Plaza were equipped with Aperio™ access control system. Aperio made a simple security upgrade possible. Customer installation costs were limited by only minimal modifications to the existing doors and by making use of the existing card readers.

It is now possible to see exactly who the last person was to be in a room and manage access rights for each door. With the easy to expand Aperio wireless lock technology, Ahoy is well prepared for the future.